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How It Works

My Free Gas Reward is the most innovative and valuable FREE Gas Reward program ever developed, providing users with the highest available cash back, rewards type program that provides users that have received a My Free Gas Reward Certificate, the opportunity to earn Free Gas as a 5% Gas Back reward when shopping at over 400 online merchants, up to the amount stated on the Certificate, and issued to the user in the form of Gas Cards to their choice of major chain gas stations. This is the highest paying gas rewards program with not 1, 2 or 3, but rather, 5% of ALL purchases from the available merchants being earned as a 5% Gas Back reward that is then credited to their Gas Reward Account. It is very easy to see how simple and how quickly a user can earn FREE Gas Cards to their choice of gas station chains just for shopping for everyday purchases that would be made anyway.

WHAT IS My Free Gas Reward?

My Free Gas Reward is an innovative way for businesses, associations or other organizations to provide their members, customers, employees or other individual recipients with a valuable REWARD for specific actions or purchases or even as a thank you, benefit, bonus or for the recipients continued customer, member or employee loyalty.

Receiving a My Free Gas Reward entitles the holder to receive up to the face-value amount of their Reward Certificate in FREE Gas Cards to their choice of major gas station chain by providing them with this valuable opportunity to both, earn Free Gas for simply shopping with the Gas Back Reward of 5% of each purchase made being not only significantly higher than other similar programs, PLUS a user will receive much more than the already high rate of 5% Gas Back, with the additional opportunity to receive a Free Gas Bonus Award from the company or organization that issued or sent the My Free Gas Reward Certificate to the recipient. That Bonus Award will add Free Gas as explained below into the recipient's Gas Reward Account that in additional to the 5% Gas Back Reward already being earned.

My Free Gas Rewards are sent in a hard copy certificate format or other fulfillment piece,  such as by email,  and will include a unique Pin Number and Gas Reward Number that has to be activated and used as instructed on this redemption website.


This is an EXCLUSIVE program that is not open to the public and a user must have received a My Free Gas Reward Certificate to be able to use this program. Shopping will never be the same with this NO HASSLE opportunity to earn your listed Free Gas Reward, just for purchasing what you want, most likely from your favorite retailers and other merchants, while taking advantage of additional special offers, coupons and other discounts that are updated as often as daily to save money on their purchases while ALSO earning 5% Gas Back Reward on those purchases.


The actual amount in Free Gas that may be earned per My Free Gas Reward Certificate is clearly listed within the Free Gas Reward Certificate or initial fulfillment piece that was received and activated on this redemption website, and all Free Gas earned, up to the maximum amount that is listed, will be added to a user’s Gas Reward Account and will be issued to the user in the form of Gas Cards to their choice of major gas station chain. My Free Gas Reward Certificates have a listed denomination of either: $25, $50, $75 or $100 and can be used only 1 time, unless otherwise noted.


In addition to earning the 5% Gas Back on all purchases made through this redemption website at the over 400 listed merchants, users will have received a 2x Bonus Multiplier as a Free Gas Award Bonus that is listed clearly on the My Free Gas Reward Certificate or other fulfillment piece that was received, which will help make it that much easier to earn and receive their stated Free Gas Reward. While the amount listed on the My Free Gas Reward Certificate tells a user the maximum amount in Free Gas that can be earned using that certificate, there is an additional way to earn or get Free Gas added to a user’s Gas Reward Account, and that is with this 2x Bonus Multiplier Free Gas Award Bonus, which gives a user 2x their earned 5% Gas Back Reward.

2X Bonus Multiplier
If a user received a $50 My Free Gas Reward Certificate that also had a 2X Bonus Multiplier listed, that means that as a Bonus Award, each purchase would receive in addition to the 5% Gas Back earnings for any purchase, an added Bonus of that same 5% amount which serves as a 2X Bonus or double the 5%. Bonuses would be added as a separate entry of Free Gas Bonus Award for every purchase that earns the usual 5% Gas Back. So if a user purchased $100 from Target, and had a 2X Bonus Multiplier, the user would show $5.00 in their Gas Reward Account for that purchase from Target based upon earning 5% for all purchases, and a separate entry of an additional $10.00 added to their Gas Reward Account as a Free Gas Bonus. So because of the company or organization that issued the My Free Gas Reward certificate, the user would be earning Free Gas Bonuses on every purchase, added to their Gas Reward Account. As an example, that means a user with the $50 certificate that has a 2X Bonus Multiplier, just has to shop and earn $25.00 in Gas Back purchases at the 5% rate, to receive their $50 in Free Gas Cards to their choice of gas station chain without any fees or shipping costs, because of the 2X Bonus which added $25 in Free Gas to their Gas Reward Account.


Nothing is better as a way to reward or thank a customer, member or employee as getting FREE GAS, which everyone needs and uses, helping to make this the ultimate way to REWARD!

Every purchase a user makes at any of the over 400 available online retailers and other providers through this website after logging in to reach the Shopping Area,  will earn that user a valuable 5% Gas Back Reward that will be added to the user’s Gas Reward Account that is able to be viewed upon logging in and clicking in the top navigation, “Gas Reward Account”. Earned rewards can be accumulated until a maximum of $25 in Gas Rewards is earned for a $50 Gas Certificate and listed as “Available”, because with the included 2x Bonus Multiplier, a user that has a $50 Free Gas Certificate and earns $25 as a Bonus Award because of the 2x Bonus Multiplier which means the user now has a total of $50 in Gas Rewards earned, which is the maximum amount that can be earned and received for a $50 Certificate that might have been received by the user. At that point or anytime thereafter during a user’s access to this exceptional Free Gas Reward program, a user may elect to have their choice of a major gas station chain, Gas Card sent to them without any surcharges or costs.


There are other gas rebate and reward programs available, however, they all pay a low percent of a purchase as the rebate or reward or require registration fees, paperwork to be mailed in, receipts to be collected, and some or all of their gas reward has too short an expiration or other gimmick that makes it very hard to get actual Free Gas out of the program, while every user that receives a My Free Gas Reward Certificate has been given the one gas program that provides FREE GAS that is easy to earn and receive without gimmicks, and that FREE GAS from their choice of major gas station chains and not some discount at a single specific gas station chain that winds up expiring the next month.


Not only do users receive the very highest Gas Back Reward for their purchases, but they also will be able to save money, while earning their 5% Gas Back, when shopping with access to Daily Deals, Special Offers, and Coupons that are updated as often as every day. This shopping savings benefit is part of the My Free Gas Reward program and helps to ensure users are getting the most for their money. Users might be able to save money on almost every purchase they make, while earning their valuable Free Gas Reward, with a 2X Bonus Multiplier.


Simply redeem and activate the My Free Gas Reward that you received by following the simple instructions listed on the back of your Certificate or other fulfillment piece, or by following the steps listed in the “Getting Started” section . Within minutes you will be able to have your 'Gas Reward Account' setup and you could be shopping at your choice of available merchants, earning your valuable 5% Gas Back Reward on each and every purchase you make through this exclusive redemption website, and having your 2X Bonus Multiplier Free Gas Bonus Award credited to your “Gas Reward Account”, for the very best reward that any company or organization could give it's user, customers and/or members.

This is without a doubt one of the very best premium incentive or reward that is available, and this should not be wasted by any person fortunate enough to have received access to this program that is NOT AVAILABLE to the general public. Only through select benefit programs, membership organizations, employee groups and associations are users/members able to receive this program that can provide valuable Free Gas Rewards, in the form of Gas Gift Cards, up to the face value amount of their Free Gas Reward Certificate that they have been issued.


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